Ensure all is running as it should be by monitoring the status of your Ice Meters remotely using our functional, user-friendly and secure ICEKLOUD software.

Functional  |  User-friendly  |  Secure

This modular and scalable software platform, with flexible and granular security, enables users to easily and efficiently set up, monitor and manage all their ICE devices & clients remotely. Its in-house framework allows for complete control and customisation for each client’s unique requirements.

Detailed Specs

  • Easily accessible via the ICE KLOUD App

  • Quick time to market 

  • Low cost for large IOT applications 

  • Receive notifications & alerts from devices

  • View location and status of units on a map

  • Easily edit device descriptions and update locations

  • Manage specific clients 

  • Manage billing periods & invoicing

  • Modular & scalable 
  • Abstracted ACID (atomicity, isolation, consistency, durability) complaint database
  • Uses web technologies which allow third-party app development 
  • Flexible & granular security
  • Data exposed via APIs for external use
  • In-house framework allows for complete control & customisation
  • Secure Login 
  • Client Information 
  • Device Dashboard – information & graphs 
  • Gate Status 
  • Ice Device Manager 
  • SigFox Activation 
  • Software Downloads 
  • User Dashboard 
  • Water Meter Dashboard



Quick time to market

Low cost for large IOT applications

Manage devices remotely


Receive Alerts